Adult Volunteerism

To protect our youth, all volunteers must undergo a background check. We ask prospective volunteers to help cover the $25 cost of the background screening.

Adult volunteers are encouraged to contact us for further information on how you can become part of this important organization.  Email us at 

In the Lakeland area:

  1. Fundraising 
  2. Group facilitators 
  3. Organize events and activities for the youth members 
  4. Public relations & marketing 
  5. Graphic design 
  6. Counselors and psychologists who would like to be on our referral list 
  7. Finance and bookkeeping 
  8. Foster care referral resources 
  9. Homeless youth referral resources 
  10. Board member

If you live in Orlando or know of someone who does: have them check out our chapter in Orlando by visiting

If you live in Seminole County or know of someone who does, content the Seminole Youth Alliance to learn how to become a volunteer in Seminole County.

We are looking for creative types who can get our youth involved in the community. If you have ideas on new activities, adventures, and resources -- we want to hear from you!