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Is this you?
  • Are you between the ages of 13 and 24?
  • Are you curious about your sexuality or gender identity?
  • Do you feel alone?
  • Are you gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning or a straight ally?
  • Do you feel isolated at school?
  • Are you having problems dealing with the issues of your sexuality?
  • Do you want to be around others like you?
  • Do you want to be part of an organization that emotionally supports GLBTQ members in a positive, non-threatening, non-judgmental environment?


Remember: You Are Not Alone!

Almost every GLBTQ youth has questions about their sexuality at some point in their life. Maybe now you are wondering about your own feelings. Right now as you read this, others just like you are going through the exact same experience. In the Central Florida area alone, there are thousands of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered and questioning youth. The purpose of the LYA is to find a safe place for these kids to gather and be among their peers so they may fully understand their uniqueness and participate as a diverse member of this community.


So, are you ready to be a part of your community? Sign up today! Join TEAM LYA!


There is no cost to get involved. 


Please e-mail us

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and we will get you the information to get involved.



Do you need HELP?

Nobody to talk to? 

Nobody will listen to you?

If you are a GLBTQ youth age 24 or under who is currently dealing with a bad situation at home, being harassed at school or having some other negative emotional or physical problem related to your sexuality then PLEASE let us know so we can intervene.  

You can remain anonymous and the LYA team will still provide you with the tools to help you.  


Email us at


The LYA can provide:

  • Someone who will listen to YOU
  • Counseling options
  • Help in dealing with parents who don’t understand your sexuality
  • Mediation at school
  • Web links to find help on your own
  • E-newsletter
  • A safe place to meet friends