About Us

The Lakeland Youth Alliance (LYA) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization which provides a safe
space for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered and Questioning (GLBTQ) youth to
gather, talk about issues and concerns that are important in their lives, as well as meet
other gay youth.  LYA is a peer based youth group with members ranging from the ages
of 13 to 24. 


The Lakeland Youth Alliance began as a chapter of the Orlando Youth Alliance (OYA) in April of
2008.  OYA was first formed in 1990 as a support group to assist at-risk gay,
lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender youth under the moniker “Delta Youth Alliance”.  The
group evolved into “GALIXY”, Gay And Lesbian Idea eXchange for Youth.  The group exists
today as the Orlando Youth Alliance, Inc., (OYA) but though the name has changed over the
years, the mission has not.  We are committed to maintaining the same mission statement.

The Lakeland Youth Alliance has a vital purpose in the Central Florida community.  LYA is the
only after-school option to meet other teens who are having the same feelings and dealing
with the same problems that they are.  LYA also collaborates with other organizations and
causes in the Central Florida area which empowers our GLBTQ youth to be advocates and
leaders in the community. 


The Lakeland Youth Alliance has wonderful resources at their disposal, one of which is the
growing number of skilled volunteer adult facilitators.  These facilitators are community-
involved individuals who provide adult supervision during events and youth meetings. The
facilitators are available to offer leadership, mentoring and to answer questions or concerns.


There is no cost to being a member of LYA.  All costs associated with operations and
marketing are covered through fundraisers, corporate, individual and foundation gifts.

The LYA is a peer based organization.  Though there is adult leadership, the group revolves
around YOU!  YOUR issues and YOUR agendas - not those of the facilitators.